DIY Maternity Leggings

Leggings are my go-to pants – especially during pregnancy.  So, finding a way to convert my favorite leggings into maternity leggings has made all the difference in being comfortable as my growing belly keeps getting bigger!

Today, I want to share an easy tutorial on how to turn regular leggings into maternity pants. So, grab an old pair of leggings you’re willing to cut up and let’s get started!

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Step 1.

Cut off the waistband of your leggings.  I cut mine where they hit on my hips.  This will be the start of the stretchy waistband you will be adding to the leggings.

Set aside leggings.

Step 2.

Cut stretchy fabric for the new waistband.  Measure the length of the top of your cut off leggings and double it. 

Cut your fabric that length by 20 inches. Mine should have ended up being 28in x 20in, but I cut it too long and had to trim it down later.

Step 3.

Fold fabric in half with wrong sides together.  The fold should be on the long edge of your fabric, so that the width in now 10 inches.

Step 4.

Fold the fabric again in half so the new fold is on the 10 inch side of your fabric.

Step 5. 

Sew together the raw edges on the 10 inch side of fabric using a zigzag stitch to make a tube.  This will be the waistband for your leggings.

Step 6.

Lay your cut off leggings flat, right side out, with the backside facing up and lay your waistband with the seam facing out in the center, and the raw edge at the top like the picture below.

Step 7.

Pull the waistband over the leggings so that the leggings are inside the waistband tube and the raw top edge of your leggings matches up with the raw edge of the tube of fabric.  Pin together the leggings and waistband around the waistline. If your leggings have a back center seam, line up that seam with the waistband seam.

Step 8.

Sew the leggings and waistband together around the waistline using a zigzag stitch.

Step 9.

Fold up the waistband and now you have a pair of maternity leggings!

You can wear them with the waistband pulled up for more support or fold it over so it fits under your baby bump.

DIY Maternity Leggings

Happy sewing!

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DIY Maternity Leggings