About Me

Hi! Welcome to Early Morning Mom. I’m Christina – a wife and mom.

I started this blog to share my journey through pregnancy, motherhood, and everything in between.  As a new mom, I’m learning everything for the first time and want to help others like me find what works (and what doesn’t!) each step of the way. If you’re like me, you look forward to the joys of motherhood, but know there will inevitably be challenges along the way.  I want to give you inspiration, support, and encouragement to make the most of this beautiful journey. 

A little about me – My husband and I live in the Chicago suburbs and we have a sweet baby girl. Second only to my husband and daughter, the other love of my life has big brown eyes and a tail that wags so hard his butt wiggles. I love cycling, sewing, baking, and eating tacos. I graduated with bachelors degrees in Finance and Economics and a Masters in Business Administration. I currently work in finance. My job satisfies the analytical, Type A side of my brain, but it doesn’t give me a lot of opportunities to use my creative side.  This blog gives me the creative outlet that I hope will be something both you and I enjoy!