Pregnancy Gift Basket

Pregnancy gift basket

Being pregnant can be overwhelming, especially if it’s your first time.  If you’ve ever been pregnant, you know that having supportive friends and family is everything. 

My friend is the most thoughtful, kind, caring person there is and when I told her I was pregnant she got me this cute pregnancy gift basket with items to help me through those first few weeks and months of pregnancy. 

Today I want to share with you what was in her gift basket as well as a few other ideas.  This is such a fun, easy, perfect gift to put together for friends who recently announced their pregnancy.

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Water bottle

Everyone knows staying hydrated keeps you healthy.  It becomes even more important to drink lots of water when you’re pregnant.  A colorful new water bottle is a great way to encourage your pregnant friends to stay hydrated!

Pregnancy book

Newly pregnant mommas are eager to take in all the information they can get on what to expect and how to cope with various symptoms.  Most of these types of pregnancy books let you follow along week by week through each stage of pregnancy helping you understand what’s happening in your body and how the baby is developing. 


Morning sickness is the worst.  Tea is something that helped ease my nausea and I was so grateful for having another box of tea handy without having to go to the store to get it.  Not only did it help with morning sickness, but it’s warm and soothing which is something newly pregnant moms need.  There are lots of tea options available and even some made specifically for morning sickness. 

Ginger chews

Ginger is supposed to help with morning sickness and having snacks on hand to ease the extreme queasiness is so helpful.  These are the ones that were included in my gift basket.

Mom mug

Anything with “mom” on it is going to make your friend smile, especially if it’s her first pregnancy. A cute new mom mug to remind your newly pregnant friend that she’s going to be a mom soon is an adorable idea.  And it gives her something fun to drink that tea out of!

Footprint and handprint mold kit

Babies grow so quickly.  A great way to always remember their little tiny hands and feet is with a mold kit.  This is something moms will cherish forever. 

Picture frame

Getting the first ultrasound is surreal.  You finally get to see your baby and you want to stare at the pictures all day.  A fun picture frame lets your friend do just that!

Those are the items that were included in my gift basket.  Here are a few other good options:


Dry skin is common during pregnancy, especially as the skin tightens and stretches to accommodate that growing baby.  I used fragrance-free lotion in the beginning of my pregnancy because that bloodhound sense of smell is a real thing.

Fizzy drinks

Like I mentioned before, staying hydrated is important.  However, morning sickness can rid pregnant women of any desire to drink water.  Help your friend stock up on something like ginger ale or sprite that will put their queasy stomachs at ease.

Healthy snacks

Pregnant moms will be hungry!  We’re always carrying snacks with us.  My favorite are ones I can stick in my purse because you never know when the hunger will hit.  Granola bars are a good, healthy option.  I usually opt for Kind bars.

Gift cards

If your pregnant friend has a favorite restaurant get them a gift card.  Exhaustion is extreme in the first trimester and they probably have minimal energy and motivation to cook right now. Save them a night or two of having to figure out dinner plans, they’ll appreciate it!

It meant so much to me that my friend made time to put this gift together.  The first few months of pregnancy can be rough.  Knowing you have friends that are supporting you, excited for you, and there to help is an incredible feeling.  I hope your gift basket can make your friend’s pregnancy that much more special!

Pregnancy gift basket for new moms