20 Creative Pregnancy Announcements to Surprise Your Parents

Pregnancy Announcement Parents

Telling your parents you’re pregnant is such a special event.  Whether they’ve told you or not, becoming grandparents is probably something they’ve been looking forward to for a while.  After revealing the news to your husband, the next exciting announcement you have to make is to your parents!  Here are some of my favorite ideas to make the moment memorable.

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Children’s book

Buy your favorite children’s book and write in a note saying “Dear Grandma and Grandpa, will you read this to me in [due date month]? I can’t wait to meet you!”  This is how we announced to my parents.  I love this idea because you can give them a sentimental gift that they’ll read to their grandbaby over and over again. We decided to use Guess How Much I Love You because it’s such a sweet story.

If you don’t have a favorite children’s book, there are some books made specifically for grandparents that would be cute ideas too.

Grandma Wishes

Grandpa’s Wishlist


If your parents are coffee or tea drinkers these mugs are a perfect option.  I bet these mugs will become their new favorites for enjoying their morning coffee.

Promoted to Grandma Mug

Promoted to Grandpa Mug

Best Grandparents Ever Mugs

Shirts for them

Another fun idea is to get your parents shirts that I’m sure they’ll proudly wear next time they go out to a store.

Happiness is Being a Grandma Shirt

Official Grandpa Shirt

If you’re waiting until Christmas to announce, these Christmas sweatshirts are adorable.

Christmas Sweatshirts

Shirts for you

Surprise your parents in a not-so-subtle way by wearing one of these cute shirts.  See how long it takes for them to notice what it says.

Coming Soon Shirt

Preggers Shirt

Eating Tacos for Two Shirt

You Will Find Out Shirt


Give your parents a onesie that reveals the announcement.  They’ll be able to hold on to it until their grandbaby visits and put it to good use!

Surprise! Onesie

Promoted to Grandparents Onesie

Can’t Wait to Meet You Onesie

Hello Onesie


Do your parents enjoy puzzles?  Gift them one of these and it will be the most exciting puzzle they’ve ever completed!

Promoted to Grandparents Puzzle

Going to be Grandparents Puzzle


If the timing works out and you want to share the news during the holiday, there are some adorable ornaments to give your parents as a gift.  It’s something you’ll see hanging on their Christmas tree for years to come.

Soon to Be Ornament

Special Delivery Ornament

Soon to Be Grandma and Grandpa Ornament

Picture frame

Something your parents will get lots of use out of is a picture frame.  They can put your ultrasound in there until the baby arrives and then update the picture as their grandchild grows.

Only the Best Parents Frame

Grandparents Frame

Keepsake Picture Box

Grandma Frame

Grandpa Frame

Countdown blocks

Another cute home décor idea is to give your parents a set of countdown blocks.  They’ll have fun counting down the days until their grandbaby arrives!

Grandparent Countdown Blocks

Wine labels

For the wine drinking parents, get customized wine labels and show up at their house with a very special bottle of wine.

Wine Labels

Beer Labels

Personalize your parent’s favorite beer with these labels that share the exciting news.

Beer Labels

Whiskey glass

Does your dad love whiskey?  Get him a whiskey glass so he can enjoy his favorite drink while celebrating his promotion to being a grandpa.

Whiskey Glass

Wine glass

For the wine loving mom, give her one of these special wine glasses.

Wine Glass

Pet bandana

Let you dog announce the news with one of these cute bandanas.

Mom’s Pregnant Bandana

My Parents Are Getting Me A Human Bandana

Wooden sign

Rustic home décor signs are really popular right now.  Here are a few fun options to share the news with a sign.

Cake Topper

Bake or buy your parents favorite cake and surprise them not only with this sweet dessert, but also with the news that they’re going to be grandparents.

Oh Baby Cake Topper

We’re Pregnant Cake Topper


There are some charming bracelets and necklaces that would be perfect gifts to announce the news to your mom.

New Grandma Necklace

Grandma To Be Bracelet

Hobby gift

Does your dad have a hobby he loves?  Get him a special guitar pick or golf ball that he’ll treasure.

Small gift

Who doesn’t like getting gifts?  Have your parents unwrap what will probably be the most exciting gift they’ll receive all year.

Egg Pregnancy Announcement

Coming Soon Box


Cards with a handwritten note are always special.  You can get one that’s sentimental or one that will make your parents laugh.

Guess What Card

The Only Thing Better Card

Human Grandparents Card

Hopefully these ideas help you come up with the perfect pregnancy reveal to your parents.  No matter what way you choose, they’ll be thrilled to know they are going to be grandparents.

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