DIY Baby Blocks With Rattle Insert

DIY baby blocks

These fun DIY baby blocks make the perfect toy for babies.  They’re soft, light, colorful, easy to grab, make noise, and have different textures for your baby to explore. 

You can use any color and texture fabric that you want.  If you’re having a hard time choosing fabric take a look at these cheater quilt patterns.  I got the dinosaur pattern and mixed in some minky fabric squares for texture for my blocks and I love the way they turned out.  If you get a cheater quilt pattern with 6-inch squares it makes for easy square cutting!

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Step 1.

Cut out six 6-inch squares (or a multiple of 6 depending on how many blocks you are making)

Step 2.

Arrange fabric squares face-down in the “t” shape like the picture below.

Step 3.

Sew the connecting edges right sides together with a ¼ inch straight stitch.  I started with the vertical pieces and then sewed on the cross part of the “t”:

Step 4.

Flip the fabric right side up and sew together the edges to make a cube.  The picture below color coordinates what edges are sewn together.  You’ll want to use a ¼ inch straight stitch and sew right sides together.  When you get to the last side leave an inch or two opening for stuffing.

I started with the sides of the cube (the yellow, orange, red, and green lines).

Then finished with the top (the blue, pink, and purple lines) leaving an opening in the last seam for stuffing.

Step 5.

Flip your block right side out and stuff half way full with pillow stuffing.

Step 6.

Insert the rattle and finish stuffing the block.  The rattle might move around but it’s easy to reposition once the block is fully stuffed.

Step 7.

Hand sew the stuffing opening closed.

And that’s it.  Now you have a cute, colorful baby block!

DIY baby block
DIY baby blocks

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