Secrets To Finding Tall Maternity Clothes

Tall Maternity Clothes

I know all too well the struggle of finding tall clothes.  It gets even harder when you need maternity clothes!  So, where can you find tall maternity clothes?  The reality is that not very many places sell them.  They might sell tall or long pants, but even talls aren’t always long enough!  And let’s not forget that being tall means we also need clothes with longer sleeves and longer torsos. 

I don’t know about you, but when my regular clothes started not to fit I panicked a little, thinking it would be impossible to find maternity clothes that would fit and that I would be comfortable wearing.  As a pregnant woman who is over 6′ tall, I want to share some tips and suggestions on finding tall maternity clothes that actually fit. 

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1. Tall Maternity Pants


Let’s be honest, most of us live in leggings while we’re pregnant.  They’re just so comfortable and stretchy and that’s exactly what you need as your body is changing.

ASOS tall maternity leggings.  These were the first maternity clothes I purchased and I love them.  I ordered my normal size and they fit great. The length hits right above my ankles.

Old Navy tall yoga pants.  These were my favorite yoga leggings pre-pregnancy.  While these aren’t maternity, they have a really stretchy waistband.  I’ve had luck with ordering a size or two larger than my normal size to get the waist bigger and folding the waistband over to make room for my growing baby bump.

Amazon has a pair of maternity leggings by My Bella Mama that are long. They’re a little more expensive than ASOS and Old Navy, but still a good option for long leggings.

My favorite leggings for working out are Yogipace leggings. And they have a 34″ inseam! Like the Old Navy yoga pants, they aren’t maternity style, but I can easily fold over the stretchy waistband and still be comfortable with a growing belly.

You can also convert a regular pair of leggings into maternity leggings with this easy tutorial.


I had a hard time finding affordable long maternity jeans.  I wasn’t willing to spend a ton of money on something that would only get a few months of use.  During my panic-driven search for long jeans, these are the places that looked promising.

Old Navy. They carry lots of options for long maternity jeans including full panel and front panel fit.

ASOS. I have not personally tried their tall maternity jeans, but given that their leggings were long enough for me I have high hopes that the jeans will be as well.

Long Tall Sally. They’re a little pricier but have both jeans and leggings and offer up to 38″ inseam.

If you have a favorite brand of jeans that you don’t want to give up, you can easily convert them into maternity pants.  Check out my tutorial on how to do this.

2. Tall Maternity Dresses

Dresses are a little easier to find.  You don’t necessarily need them to be maternity specific as long as they are stretchy. The maxi and midi options are great for tall women.

My favorite maternity dresses are this tank top dress and this dress which comes in either short sleeve or 3/4 sleeve length. They are both plenty long for my 6′ 1″ height and hit just above my knees.

A good non-maternity option is this ruched dress. Anything that’s stretchy and ruched can usually fit over a growing baby bump! I also love this maxi dress, but I had to hem the bottom to make it knee length since the unaltered dress was an awkward length on me.

Old Navy has a few options, but since they don’t offer tall maternity dresses, I always get dresses in midi length just to make sure they won’t be too short.

Pink Blush Maternity has a section dedicated to tall-friendly maternity dresses. There’s tons of cute dresses here, although they are a little more expensive than the other options.

3. Tall Maternity Tops

I had very little luck finding maternity specific tops that were long enough for me, but there are a few options for non-maternity shirts that work really well while your baby bump is growing!

Tank Tops

Tank tops are my go to clothing item. Anything that is extra long and stretchy works great for pregnancy. My favorites are these extra long tank tops and these camis.

Ruched Tops

Another good options for tops are ruched tops. I have 3 of these and they fit great when you’re pregnant and when you’re not! They’re even long enough to wear with leggings.

If you’re interested in converting a shirt you already have to a maternity top, I have a tutorial here on adding ruching to shirts.

Cardigans and Button Up Shirts

The great thing about these is that you probably already have them in your closet and if you don’t, whatever you buy will most likely still fit after pregnancy.  Throw a cardigan or button up shirt over a tank top and you’re good to go!

Stretchy Dresses or Tunics

I’ve learned that to get a true tunic length on my long torso I usually have to buy a dress (and even sometimes that’s still not long enough!). I wear this dress as a tunic with leggings and since it’s stretchy material it’s been working great as a maternity top. If a dress is at the in between length to be a dress or tunic, you can hem the bottom up to the length you prefer. Or, if the dress is stretchy just fold under the bottom of the dress to your preferred length and it will stay in place.

These are the clothes getting me through 9 months with a growing bump.  I hope this helps you in your search for tall maternity clothes. If you’ve found any other places with good tall maternity clothes, I’d love to hear about it! Congratulations to all of you tall mommas!