10 Fun Ways To Include Your Husband In Pregnancy

Include husband in pregnancy

Pregnancy tends to focus on mom.  After all, you’re the one growing that beautiful little baby, experiencing those delightful first trimester symptoms, and showing off your newly round baby bump.  But, you wouldn’t be in this situation without your husband, right? 

He’s just as excited as you are to be growing your family, so it’s important to focus on him too!

Ways To Involve Your Husband In Pregnancy

I know it can feel like he’s an outsider when you’re the one glued to the couch all day with exhaustion and nausea.  While you can’t share those symptoms with him (and probably don’t want to anyway), there are some great ways to include your husband so that you can prepare for and be excited for this little miracle together!  

Announce Your Pregnancy To Family And Friends Together

Sharing the news that you’re pregnant with parents, siblings, and friends is one of the most exciting things about pregnancy.  As eager as you are to immediately tell everyone you’re pregnant, planning your pregnancy announcements with your husband will let you both be involved in the excitement.  After all, you didn’t get this way by yourself!

Go To Prenatal Appointments Together

Ok, maybe not ALL of the appointments, but at least the big ones. 

Bring your husband to your first ultrasound.  The baby will only be a blob on the screen, but it’s the first picture you get to see of your sweet little babe.  Hearing their heartbeat for the first time is a special moment to share together.  Since your husband doesn’t get to experience the joys of 1st trimester pregnancy symptoms and you don’t have a visible baby bump yet, this might be the first time your pregnancy seems real to him.

The 20-week ultrasound is another good appointment to go to together.  By now, your baby is looking more baby-like. The technician will check your baby’s anatomy for any abnormalities, so having your husband there for support can be helpful!

Stay Active Together

We all know exercise is important while you’re pregnant.  Get your husband involved in staying active with you.  This not only lets you spend time together but keeps you accountable for exercising when you have someone to do it with! 

You can plan a day trip to go hiking or just go on walks together around your neighborhood. Whatever type of exercise sounds enjoyable to you both, go do it!

Create Your Baby Shower Registry Together

Involve your husband in planning and organizing everything you’re going to need for your new baby.  From car seats to gliders and cribs to baby monitors, there are so many items to research and make decisions about. 

He may not be thrilled about the idea of helping with the registry at first, but once he realizes the enormous amount of cool gadgets (and adorable teeny tiny outfits) available for babies I think he’ll take up an interest!  He wants what is best for both you and your baby too!

Design And Decorate the Baby’s Nursery Together

One of my favorite parts of preparing the nursery was painting it with my husband.  We were able to spend time together with just the two of us while preparing for the next big step in our lives. 

Another fun way to get your husband involved in the nursery is to work on a DIY project.  This can be anything from building a bookshelf to making wall décor.  I think it’s really special to have something handmade from you just for your baby.

Go On A Babymoon

This is probably the easiest way to get your husband excited about pregnancy.  Who doesn’t love a vacation? 

Enjoy spending some of your last days as a family of two together while you get excited about becoming mom and dad. 

Take A Childbirth Class Together

While most of the work is done by mom in childbirth, your husband will likely be your greatest support.  He’ll want to be prepared to help you and taking a childbirth class together can do just that. 

Plan Your Baby Budget Together

We’ve all heard about how expensive it is to have a baby and raise a child.  While budgeting might not sound like the most exciting activity to do, it’s absolutely necessary.  This is a great way for your husband to be involved in planning for your new baby.

Take some time to understand your finances together.  Look into childcare costs and costs for baby essentials like diapers.  Make sure to look into your insurance plans so you know what type of medical expenses you will be expected to cover. 

If you’re looking to boost your savings fund, try a pregnancy savings challenge! Making a financial plan for your future as parents will help you both feel more prepared for this big change.

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Meal Prep Together

Spend a day planning freezer meals for after the baby is born. 

You can even make a date night (or day) out of this.  Make your grocery list, go to the store together, and spend the day listening to your favorite music while you chop veggies and assemble make-ahead meals. 

This is a great way to prepare for those hectic days after the baby arrives while enjoying time with your husband.

Tell Him When The Baby Is Kicking

Let you husband know when the baby is moving so he can feel it too.  It might not be until the second half of your second trimester that you can feel movement on the outside, but when you can, it’s a special moment for your husband to be able to feel your baby move too.

Sharing this time with your husband is so special.  If this is your first baby, it’s the last few months you’ll have with just the two of you. So, focusing on and including him in the pregnancy can bring him closer to the baby and also strengthen your relationship with each other. 

Congratulations momma! Enjoy this time with each other – you and your husband will be great parents!

Include husband in pregnancy