New Dad Gift Basket

New Dad Gift Basket

Moms often get all of the attention and celebration when it comes to new babies.  After all, she went through the dreaded morning sickness, discomfort of a growing belly, and an intense labor.  But we can’t forget that dad had a big part in all of this too and deserves to be celebrated and pampered just as much as mom. 

Becoming a dad is an event he’ll remember forever. 

My plan was to have this new dad gift basket ready for my husband when we got home from the hospital after having our first baby. Turns out, our baby was ready to be out in the world before I was ready for her, so the gift basket was a little late!  But, I knew he’d be just as worn out as I was and wanted to make sure he knew how much I appreciated his love, help, and support.  I’m sure it’s not easy catering to your wife’s every need while she’s in labor!

If you’re looking for a way to show dad how much he’s appreciated this new dad gift basket is the perfect thing to celebrate his new role.

New Dad Gift Basket Items

These gift basket ideas include items to help make parenting a little easier as well as a few things that are just for fun. 

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Coupon Book

Parenting is hard.  Give dad a coupon book with a few free passes and fun activities.

Download my free printable coupons here.  This includes a fill-in-the-blank coupon so you can add your own ideas!

Favorite Snacks or Candy

Newborns can make your life feel pretty hectic.  So much so that you might not realize you haven’t eaten for hours!  Make sure to include a few of dad’s favorite snacks and candy so he’ll have them on hand when he needs them most.

Daddy Milestone Beer Labels

Find it at TheRitzyRose

Ease dad into his new role with these milestone beer labels.   Knowing he has his favorite beer to enjoy after the first poop-explosion might make it a little less daunting!

Dad and Baby Outfit

This can either be an outfit for the baby with dad’s favorite thing on it – like his favorite sports team or hobby – or it can be a matching dad and baby outfit. 

My husband is a hobby machinist and woodworker so I got this cute tool belt onesie so our baby will look just like she belongs in his workshop!

Another option is to get matching dad and baby outfits like these:

Pint & Half Pint Matching Set

Papa Saur T-Rex Dad & Baby Saur Matching Set

Taco & Taquito Matching Outfits

Baby Book for Dad

A fun baby book is a great way for dad and baby bond. These are some of my favorites:

I Love You, Daddy

Made for Me

Daddy Kisses

Baby Owner’s Manual

Parenting can be confusing and overwhelming.  “The Baby Owner’s Manual: Operating Instructions, Trouble-Shooting Tips, and Advice on First-Year Maintenance” is written in a fun way with useful information. It’s perfect for a first-time dad. 

The Baby Owner’s Manual

Body Wash or Soap

Babies are messy.  Really messy.  Between the diaper changes and spit up, dad is bound to need a few extra showers.  Having his favorite soap available will definitely come in handy.

Dad Mug and Coffee

When those sleepless nights turn into tired mornings, make sure dad has a special mug to enjoy his much needed coffee. You can include a bag of his favorite coffee too!

Advil and Head Scratcher

There will inevitably be headaches when the baby won’t stop crying, so make sure dad is prepared with some Advil or a handy head scratcher (we love this thing!) to ease the tension in case he needs it.

Dad’s hardest job often comes when the baby is being born (supporting mom!) and after the baby is born. It’s important to let him know how appreciated he is! 

A new dad gift basket is the perfect thing to celebrate dad in his new role and make the transition to fatherhood a little easier.

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New dad gift basket