9 Things To Do The Moment You Find Out You Are Pregnant

Find Out You are pregnant

Congratulations! You’re going to have a baby!  Whether it’s a long-awaited answered prayer or an incredible surprise, you’re probably wondering what to do next.  When I found out I was pregnant it was a rush of excitement followed by thinking “what now”?  I felt overwhelmed by the unknowns.  Can you relate?  The list below is here to help you feel a little more organized and a little more in control.

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1. Tell your husband and celebrate!

This is my favorite part!  If your husband was there when you took the test, he’s probably already as excited as you.  Take some time to celebrate with just the two of you because you have created a miracle.  If your husband wasn’t around when you took the test, find a special way to tell him.  This might be the most amazing news you’ll ever share with him.  After all, he got to surprise you with a marriage proposal, so now it’s your turn, right?

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2. Decide when to share the news

Another fun and exciting step in finding our you’re pregnant is sharing the news with everyone.  This decision is different for everyone and tends to be very personal.  Do what makes you and your husband most comfortable.  There is so much excitement and so much to celebrate that some couples share the news with everyone immediately.  Others want to preserve the intimacy of only you two knowing for as long as possible.  After you share the news, you will likely be bombarded with questions about your baby and your plans that you haven’t yet had time to think about yourself.  A lot of hesitation in immediately telling everyone comes from the higher risk of miscarriage during the first trimester.  For us, telling only our parents and siblings first was the right choice.  We knew they would be happy to know and we wanted their help and support throughout the whole journey. 

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3. Start taking a prenatal vitamin

If you aren’t already, start taking a prenatal vitamin.  Prenatal vitamins are very important, especially in the first few weeks of pregnancy.  They fill in any gaps in nutrition you aren’t getting with food alone and provide the vitamins and minerals you and your baby need to support a healthy pregnancy.  If you’re having trouble deciding which vitamin to take, WebMD has a great article on what to look for in prenatal vitamins.

4. Call your doctor/OB

No matter what you choose regarding telling others about your pregnancy, you should tell your OB as soon as possible.  Some providers will see you right away to confirm the pregnancy and others will wait to see you until you’re a little further along.  It’s okay if you don’t have an obstetrician yet.  Do some research or ask friends who they go to.  You can make an appointment with a provider and see how you like them.  You should be 100% comfortable with your doctor, so if you end up not being happy with your first appointment it’s okay to switch.

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5. Buy a pregnancy book

You are going to have lots of questions.  Searching online can be a great tool, but with all of the information out there it tends to be daunting and can lead to unnecessary fear and worry.  I highly recommend getting a pregnancy book to help answer your questions and guide you through the stages of pregnancy.   After doing some research, I ended up buying this one and use it all the time.

6. Download a pregnancy app

These are great to help track your pregnancy and learn what’s going on in your body and how the baby is developing. My favorite is The Bump app.  Each week it tells you how big your baby is by comparing it to various fruits and vegetables, how the baby is developing, and what symptoms you might be experiencing.  In addition to this, it gives you a daily fact about your baby and relevant and fun articles to read.

7. Get active

Being active during pregnancy helps you be more comfortable and can reduce the risk of complications.  The rule of thumb is that it’s okay to continue working out at the same level you were at pre-pregnancy, but always check with your doctor to be safe.  In my experience, as a cyclist, I planned on continuing riding until my belly got too big to balance safely.  However, plans changed as soon as morning sickness and fatigue hit.  So, I opted for a less intense option of walking and yoga and this has been working great for me.  Listen to your body, talk to your doctor, and figure out what feels right for you.

8. Start saving

Babies can be expensive!  There’s an awesome calculator here to help you determine the cost of your baby’s first year.  I know all that baby gear is irresistibly cute and adorable, but be realistic about what your baby truly needs.  Also, start an emergency fund if you don’t already have one.  This will help if and when you have unexpected costs (baby-related or otherwise). 

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9. Enjoy it!

Lastly, the most import thing to do right now is enjoy it!  You are creating a miracle.  Remember to relax and take care of yourself.

I hope this helps give you a head start on feeling prepared for your amazing journey to parenthood. The next nine months will be filled with new, exciting experiences and lots and lots of joy!

Find Out You Are Pregnant